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Cheap Dream Travet For Travelers on Tighter Budget

Planning a vacation shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun! By utilizing the latest advances in technology, such as live pricing and availability, we’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3 to research, arrange, and book reservations online- without any hassles. Find great deals on hotels, vacation packages, cruises, flights, travel destinations with a few easy clicks away and guarantees the best prices. Book Now
There are some things that feel like they should only be reserved for the rich and famous: A personal masseuse to rub out the stress, a chef to cook a great meal or a travel agent to take care of getting us around the world.

The reality is, though, that even if you are living on a middle-class income, you can benefit and most likely afford each one of those things.
Unfortunately, when it comes to traveling, many middle-incomers believe that a travel agent can’t help them because they don’t have a big budget and aren’t jetting off to some exotic location.

“When your budget is small, I think it's even more important to use a travel professional,” said Denise Lorentzen of Dreams Family Travel.  “You don't want to waste your money on something, and if you have less to work with, you need to make sure you are booking the right options.”
Lorentzen recently had a client come to her and asked if she could help with a staycation.

“They decided to stay closer to home for spring break this year,” she said. “She travels a few times a year with me so I knew she would be back again.”
Lorentzen helped her client find a moderate resort and added on tickets to local museum/aquariums, gave her suggestions with other things to do, helped locate great dining choices and put an itinerary together.

“It was only a three-day getaway, and it was two hours from where they lived,” she said. “My fee was deeply discounted as there was not as much to do. She was so happy for the help!

For travelers on even a tighter budget, there are agents who do not charge a fee at all.

“Many travel agencies, like MickeyTravels, have no cost for travelers to utilize,” said Greg Antonelle, managing director of MickeyTravels, LLC. “We get paid by our supplier, so it makes sense for someone with a small budget to use a travel agent."

Antonelle explains that travel agents are well versed in finding the best deals for their clients.

“They know when peak season is. They know the difference and offerings at value, moderate or deluxe resorts,” he said. “Utilizing a travel agent is also beneficial because they oftentimes can get you a discount if a promotion is released, even after you book your vacation. It’s a win/win.”

Margie Lenau said that not only do travel agents get their customers a great value, they can save their client’s money too.

“They manage expectations, and get the best value because they know what they are looking for,” said Lenau of Wonderland Family Vacations. “Just because the internet says something is a deal doesn't mean that it is. Sometimes it is all about the marketing and what the client perceives as a good value.

“One couple came with a specific resort and flight quote, but they had forgotten to include transfers and said they would just take a taxi,” she continued. “That would have cost a fortune since the resort was quite far away from the airport.”

So, Lenau upgraded the room to the next level and included the transfer. “The cost came in just below the quote they showed me,” she said. “As a bonus, the flight schedule was better, something they never looked at. They took the flight schedule that was first offered to them.”

Talk to a travel agent about your budget, no matter how big or small, and see how they can help you to plan your next adventure. OOCORP Travel Agent provides information, pricing, availability, and booking facility for domestic and Cheap International Air Tickets, railway reservation, hotel bookings, holiday packages, buses, and car rentals merely a few easy clicks away and guarantees the best prices for any type of property.

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OlayinkaOyelamiHolidayBlog: Finland] is The Safest Destination Globally - Worl...

OlayinkaOyelamiHolidayBlog: Finland] is The Safest Destination Globally - Worl...: 4/25/2017 Still looking for some summer travel inspiration?     You should put Finland on your list while the booking is good.  The World...

Instagram as your guide for travel plans, follow these hashtags for some serious travel inspiration or to share your own vacation

If getting ready to give your Instagram account a workout in the coming months, we might be able to predict where you are headed. 
Based on new survey results from rental management firm Twiddy, we now know where some of the most Instagrammed places are and when they are trending. 

When it comes to the most shared destinations in the U.S. over spring break, for example, the survey shows that there were quite a few of you headed to Florida (in the number-one spot) and Hawaii (coming in at number 2). 
Tropical destinations weren’t the only hot spots over spring break, however. New York City was the third-most shared destination on the social network this spring. 

Things get a little different in the summer months. The top three destinations are Wyoming, with Yellowstone National Park drawing visitors from around the world; Maine, attracting those looking to cool off in the heat; and Hawaii, because nothing says "summertime" like tropical islands. 
If you are wondering “why Wyoming?” This may be the reason.
When it came to winter travel, it was more about the avoidance of winter weather than shoveling snow in Minnesota. 

The most popular place to hashtag in the colder months was #Hawaii. It’s really no surprise: Twiddy concurs that many would rather be sunning themselves on the beach than fighting cold weather at home on Christmas. 
After Hawaii, New York City (full of holiday cheer) and Wyoming (with its festive lights) were next on the list. 

But where was the most Instagrammed spot when looking at all of the seasons?

Twiddy’s research showed that the state of North Carolina was the place to be. It was the most popular with travelers in the spring, summer and winter months. 

This post might help you see why. 
If you are using Instagram as your guide for travel plans, follow these hashtags for some serious travel inspiration or to share your own vacation pics:

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